National Nurses Week: Get to Know Several Nurses Serving Seniors in San Diego


Did you know that nursing has been rated as the most honest and ethical profession for more than a decade and a half? Working in a wide range of settings and roles, nurses serve with compassion, committed to protecting, promoting, and improving health. In honor of National Nurses Week, get to know a little bit about some of our fabulous nurses serving seniors in San Diego throughout our senior living communities and through our St. Paul’s Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE).


Callie Howard, RN, BSN

Health and Wellness Director, St. Paul’s Plaza

Callie started her nursing career as a practical nurse in 2002 in Missouri. After she transferred with her family to California on orders from the US Navy, she obtained her RN in 2008 and her bachelor’s in nursing in 2012.

Since 2005, she has worked specifically with the senior population, from skilled nursing to St. Paul’s PACE to assisted living. She was also a wound care nurse for seniors with chronic and acute wounds.

“I love giving back to those who paved the way for me,” Callie says. “I know that without their hard work, sacrifice, and dedication that I would not have opportunities that I have today so this is my way of saying thank you.”

When asked what makes her good at what she does, Callie says she is very dedicated, focused, and has great care, love and respect for seniors.

“I work with my staff and our processes to ensure that we are all giving the best, most efficient care we can to make sure that each and every senior is living each day to the fullest!”


Vena Valdez, RN, BSN

St. Paul’s PACE

Vena has been a part of the St. Paul’s Senior Services family for almost seven years. She has worked for three years in skilled nursing and rehabilitation and for four years with St. Paul’s PACE. She has a BSN with emphasis in public health nursing and is a current Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Project scholar.

“I wanted to become a nurse to fulfill my potential and to give back to society by serving people in need of my skills and care,” Vena explains.

“Seniors have always been close to my heart. When I started working at St. Paul’s Senior Services Nursing and Rehabilitation, I realized how much our society needs quality senior care services and what a difference compassionate care makes. This is why I choose to work with St. Paul’s Senior Services and have tailored my education around geriatric services and public health.”


Luz Moreno, CNA

St. Paul’s PACE

“I became a CNA because I love the feeling of helping people. I treat every senior as if they were my parents – with compassion and respect.”


Jesus Leon, CAN

St. Paul’s PACE

“I have been a CNA for 15 years, and worked at St. Paul’s PACE San Diego for the past four years. Being a CNA is more than just a job, I really like what I do. You meet such diverse people here at St. Paul’s PACE. They are like family.”


Tammy Goodwin, RN, AA, AAS

Director of Nursing, St. Paul’s Senior Services Nursing and Rehabilitation

“I have always loved taking care of people. Whatever a person needs to make him or her feel better, heal faster, I want to help. As a registered nurse for more than 25 years it is an honor to take an active role in providing the best possible care to our senior residents. Seniors have beautiful life stories to share. They are our elderly and should be given the best care and have comfort.”


Anders Rosenback, RN, ADN

Home Care Coordinator, St. Paul’s PACE

“I have a passion to help people in need and those who can’t help themselves. Being a nurse is a very rewarding and challenging job – seniors have so much gratitude and appreciation for the time and help that they receive. Working with seniors also gives a great perspective of life.”

If you would like to become part of the St. Paul’s Senior Services team, please click here to check out our job opportunities.