Senior Healthcare: 6 Key Reasons to Consider Skilled Nursing

Are you struggling to determine how to care for your parent while they recover from injury or surgery?

Skilled nursing is one of the best solutions for older adults needing increased attention after a hospital stay. While enjoying a home-like environment, they’ll benefit from a wide range of hospital-grade services, including wound care, medication management, dietary support, catheter care, guided therapies, and much more.

If your goal is to reduce the risk of injury or rehospitalization for them, here are six key reasons why you may want to consider skilled nursing for your aging parent.


Finding the right caregiver for your aging parent can be stressful, especially after undergoing significant surgery. You may even feel the pressure to care for them yourself, even though you lack the time, patience, and expertise to properly support them while they recover.

Access to 24/7 expert care is the hallmark of skilled nursing. With round-the-clock monitoring from licensed nurses, your parent can receive immediate medical attention if any concerns arise. Imagine the peace of mind that this would bring both you and them.


Rest assured that skilled nursing is never a one-size-fits-all approach. Each day, nurses will support with medication management and assess your parent’s physical, emotional, and social needs to personalize their treatment plan. They’ll also evaluate your parent’s dietary requirements to guarantee they receive nutritious meals that cater to their health and align with their preferences.

This level of tailored attention is especially critical for seniors managing chronic conditions and can substantially lower the risk of injury or rehospitalization after surgery. Not to mention, your parent will feel increasingly at home as their nurses get to know them over time.


With expert therapists on-site daily, skilled nursing facilities offer a variety of holistic rehabilitation services, including occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech pathology – all under one roof. No more worrying about how your parent will get to their appointments safely. From improving mobility to relearning communication skills, these interventions would be readily accessible to help them regain their independence.


Maintaining a safe, senior-friendly environment for older adults while they are recovering from injury or surgery is essential. This can be difficult, though, if your kids are leaving toys everywhere or if your bathrooms lack appropriate railings. Whether your parent requires long-term or short-term care, skilled nursing facilities offer home-like atmospheres with hospital-level safety. Not only do these environments reduce the risk of falls, but they also provide more opportunities for movement and assisted mobility.


Research shows that seniors can experience significant cognitive decline after a hospital stay from increased stress, isolation, and lack of mental stimulation. Dr. Nataliya Dementovych, a Jefferson Health geriatrician, adds in this article that mental health decline can even lead to slower physical recovery.

Skilled nursing facilities provide regular opportunities for social engagement that can enhance your parent’s emotional well-being and increase their rate of physical recovery.* With programs and activities designed to combat isolation, your parent will quickly feel like they belong to a caring community. This unique framework provides the social advantages of a nursing home, with the added benefit of 24/7 monitoring.


Navigating changes in healthcare can be nerve-wracking, especially for seniors. With new environments and sudden increases in stimuli, older adults are often more susceptible to feelings of disorientation and confusion during care transitions.** With keen awareness of this, skilled nursing centers offer guidance to help smooth the transition between care facilities and reduce the risk of complications. Their understanding of this process will give you the confidence that your loved one will be adequately comforted throughout their adjustment.


With personalized treatment plans, social opportunities, and 24/7 access to medical specialists, skilled nursing care is an excellent option for seniors recovering from surgery.

Does skilled nursing sound like the best fit for your parent? St. Paul’s Senior Services Nursing and Rehabilitation Center may be the perfect choice for you. Nestled in the heart of Bankers Hill, our center was recently remodeled and designed to feel much more like a community than a skilled nursing facility.

At St. Paul’s, we take pride in fostering an atmosphere of compassion and providing award-winning senior care. Whether your loved one is in need of short-term or long-term care, our skilled nurses will be devoted to their recovery and committed to building a relationship with them. Rest assured that they will feel safe and at home in the hands of our incredible staff.

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