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If you’re passionate about serving others, St. Paul’s Senior Services is for you! We are constantly looking to grow our staff with motivated, caring individuals who share our values. As an employer, we’re proud of the safe environments we foster, and we’re committed to prioritizing the health, well-being, and growth of our staff. Many of our employees have advanced from positions like wait staff or clerks to become department heads and managers! Explore our job board below and discover if St. Paul’s is right for you.

As a California and Federally operated medical community we must abide by the following mandates for our staff, please read them:
1. Be able to pass a drug test.
2. You must pass a Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI clearance.

Our People Make Us Who We Are

At St. Paul’s Senior Services, we believe a diverse workforce has driven our history of enriching the lives of senior communities in San Diego which is why we are committed to cultivating an environment where people feel empowered, supported and respected. By valuing everyone’s unique perspective, voice, strengths, experience and background we aim to foster a culture where everyone feels included and comfortable being their true self.