Spiritual Care Services at St. Paul’s

Guiding You Through Life

As a faith based organization, St. Paul’s Senior Services and St. Paul’s PACE welcome residents, participants, and families of all religions and spiritual beliefs. We have chaplains on-site providing our residents and participants with inclusive emotional and spiritual support, no matter their faith preferences or beliefs.

Each St. Paul’s community offers

  • A chapel available for personal prayer and meditation, as well as scheduled worship services.
  • Clergy-led worship, including Catholic, Episcopal, and non-denominational services.
  • Compassionate listening.
  • Spiritual counseling, encouragement, and prayer with respect to your beliefs, cultural traditions, and practices.
  • Day center, home, and hospital visits.
  • Weekly gatherings of discussion and study of spiritual beliefs.
  • Sacraments and support for religious practices.
  • Assistance to help connect you with community clergy and spiritual leaders from your faith tradition.
  • Education for your healthcare team about spiritual beliefs and the potential impact on your healthcare choices.
  • Support coping with loss or challenges.
  • Religious and spiritual literature, Bibles, and religious items.
  • Memorial services.
  • Special seasonal worship services.
  • Resident and family support for end-of-life.

To speak with a chaplain or to request a chaplain visit, please call the chaplain’s office at: (619) 239-6900

Spiritual Care Services
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Rev. Jason Samuel St. Paul's Senior Services
Rev. Jason Samuel

Fr. Jason has spent more than half of his life studying faith. He has worshiped with all kinds of traditions and learned about different religions to find commonalities and also what makes each one unique..

"The opposite of faith isn’t doubt”,
“Fear is the opposite of faith".

Rev. Jason Samuel

Meet Our Chaplains

Front: Bill Martinez, Louise Landeta and John Cole
Back: Fr. Jason Samuel and Doug Casebolt

meet our chaplains