Spiritual Care Services at St. Paul’s

Guiding You Through Life

As a faith based organization, St. Paul’s Senior Services and St. Paul’s PACE welcome residents, participants, and families of all religions and spiritual beliefs. We have chaplains on-site providing our residents and participants with inclusive emotional and spiritual support, no matter their faith preferences or beliefs.

Each St. Paul’s community offers

  • A chapel available for personal prayer and meditation, as well as scheduled worship services.
  • Clergy-led worship, including Catholic, Episcopal, and non-denominational services.
  • Compassionate listening.
  • Spiritual counseling, encouragement, and prayer with respect to your beliefs, cultural traditions, and practices.
  • Day center, home, and hospital visits.
  • Weekly gatherings of discussion and study of spiritual beliefs.
  • Sacraments and support for religious practices.
  • Assistance to help connect you with community clergy and spiritual leaders from your faith tradition.
  • Education for your healthcare team about spiritual beliefs and the potential impact on your healthcare choices.
  • Support coping with loss or challenges.
  • Religious and spiritual literature, Bibles, and religious items.
  • Memorial services.
  • Special seasonal worship services.
  • Resident and family support for end-of-life.

To speak with a chaplain or to request a chaplain visit, please call the chaplain’s office at: (619) 239-6900

Spiritual Care Services
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Meet Our Chaplains

(From Left to Right) Front Row: The Rev. Maria Cristina Borges Alvarez (Lead Chaplain) and Louise Landeta
(From Left to Right) Back Row: The Rev. John Cole, Anselmo Brillon, Jr. and Jeffrey Shackleton

meet our chaplains