Meet The Board

St. Paul’s Senior Services is fortunate to have a diverse and experienced group of talented individuals comprising the volunteer leadership. There are 3 Boards in place, and each group is responsible for overseeing that the mission, vision and guiding principles of St. Paul’s is being exemplified in every way in all communities.

The Operating Board - St. Paul’s Episcopal Home, Inc.

 This Board is responsible for working with the Executive Team at St. Paul’s to ensure that innovative and comprehensive programs are offered, the highest quality of care is provided, and the overall vision fulfilled.

  • The Very Rev. Penelope Bridges, President
  • Louise Phipps, Board Chair
  • Joe Craver, Vice Chair
  • Patrick Edd, Treasurer
  • Cheryl Wilson, Secretary
  • Jonathan Hunter, Assistant Secretary
  • Bruce Leidenberger, Past Chair
  • Jackie Carpenter
  • Janet Cooper
  • Larry Hoeksema
  • Gloria James
  • Jack Lentz
  • Bill Littlejohn
  • Ben Meza
  • John Rush
  • Rev. Canon Wayne Sanders
  • Stan Sokolove
  • Dick Thorn

Cathedral Representatives

  • Jennifer Jow
  • Joan Reese

The St. Paul’s PACE Board

St. Paul’s PACE strives to be the leader in providing all-inclusive innovative solutions to the health and social service needs of San Diego’s frail elderly. In tandem with the PACE Exective Team, this board makes certain that PACE continues to provide a caring network of services that fosters independence, preserves individual dignity and enables the frail elderly to remain at home and involved with their family, friends and community.

  • Laury Graves, Board Chair
  • Jane Flaherty, Vice Chair
  • John McColl, Treasure
  • Cheryl Wilson, Secretary
  • Mike Matalon, Assistant Secretary
  • Randy Truax, Past Chair
  • Susie Hayes
  • Dan Larsen
  • Bill McColl
  • Jerry Rindone
  • Jason Satterly
  • Russ Vuich
  • Pat Ford, Board Emeritus

Medical Directors

  • Joanne Stewart, M.D.
  • Victor Lee, M.D.
  • Sandra McColl, M.D.

The Retirement Homes Foundation Board

The Foundation Board is in place to provide guidance to the Foundation team in their mission to support the programs and communities of St. Paul’s and PACE, and their vision to ensure that all entities of St. Paul’s have the financial resources necessary to enable all seniors to live fulfilling lives with maximum independence and choice.

  • Melissa Blackburn-Joniaux, Board Chair
  • Brad Benter, Vice Chair
  • Charlie King, Treasure
  • Cheryl Wilson, Secretary
  • Philip Greiner, Assistant Secretary
  • Dick Thorn, Past Chair
  • Helen Astleford
  • Yolanda Emery
  • Peter Gallagher
  • Marcia Gill
  • Pat Kreder
  • Bruce Leidenberger
  • Bob Morris
  • Maryl Weightman
  • Neville Willsmore


If you would like to learn more about opportunities to join the leadership of St. Paul’s Senior Services, contact Todd Kaprielian at (619) 239-6900 or at