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What Seniors Should Know About Downsizing and Selling A Home
What Seniors Should Know About Downsizing and Selling A Home

There are many options available to help families and seniors with moving and downsizing.

7 Money-Saving Tips for Seniors on a Fixed Income

For many people, living debt-free means living worry-free. This is felt most significantly during retirement and especially for those seniors living on a fixed income.

The Negative Health Effects of Loneliness in Seniors

Among the many health concerns that can befall seniors, loneliness is one of the most common and least discussed.

Social Distancing Doesn’t Mean Social Isolation

All across California, seniors and caregivers suddenly find themselves in isolation due to COVID-19 and the Governor’s “Shelter-in-Place” ruling.

5 Things YOU Can Do to Help Seniors during COVID-19

The recent spread of COVID-19 has sparked a lot of fear and uncertainty in the United States, but it has also inspired many people to step up and care for the most vulnerable populations

8 Questions to Ask When Looking For the Best Assisted Living Community

Are you in search of an assisted living community for yourself or a senior loved one in your life? You’ll want to do your research in order to choose the best option for all parties involved.

Assisted Living vs. Memory Care: Understanding the Differences

If you have a senior loved one in your family who is starting to require extra assistance, it may be time to consider care options.