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Senior Healthcare: 6 Key Reasons to Consider Skilled Nursing

Are you struggling to determine how to care for your parent while they recover from injury or surgery? Skilled nursing is one of the best solutions for older adults needing increased attention after a hospital stay. While enjoying a home-like environment, they’ll benefit from a wide range of hospital-grade services, including wound care, medication management, […]

Empowering Others: How Two Nurses are Teaching the Latest Wound Care Techniques

  In the realm of nursing, empowerment holds the key to transformation. It is the spark that ignites the flames of confidence, knowledge, and compassion within each caregiver. Nurses embrace the responsibility to empower the ones they serve, providing them with the tools and support to take control of their own well-being. However, equally important […]

Revolutionizing Senior Care: St. Paul’s Senior Services’ Vision for Best-in-Class Care

St. Paul’s Seniors Services (SPSS) is embarking on a transformational journey to elevate clinical practices. The result will be “best in class” care for seniors at all of St. Paul’s communities and programs, including St. Paul’s Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), which combines care for over 1,300 seniors with skilled medical conditions. […]

Retirement Communities: Tips for Choosing the Right One for Your Loved Ones

Insights from a Retirement Community Sales Rep The search for the right retirement community can be a daunting task. Most people find themselves thrust into this situation because of an emergency they experienced with a senior. Exploring these uncharted territories can be overwhelming, but fear not, as we have a few helpful tips to help. […]

How Promoting Within Gave Me a Career I Love

When an acquaintance asks me what I do for a living, I’m proud to say I work for St. Paul’s Senior Services, a non-profit company that serves San Diego seniors. More often than not, their next assumption is that I’m a CNA and I correct them with a self-deprecating scoff and shake of my head. […]

Reflections – Memory Care Program Reimagined

What is Memory Care? Memory care provides specialized care for people with memory impairments like dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or some condition of cognitive impairment. Memory care communities offer a safe and uniquely designed environment for those seeking 24-hour care for mom or dad with a focus on improving quality of life. The overall goal of […]

Elevating Senior Care through Innovative Community Partnerships

San Diego City College Nursing Education Program and St. Paul’s Senior Services  As the leaders in senior care, St. Paul’s Senior Services (SPSS) continues to make strides in discovering the most effective ways to not only enhance the delivery of exceptional care from their staff, but also develop the future front-line workers of tomorrow. Community […]

The St. Paul’s PACE Difference

What Sets Us Apart St. Paul’s Senior Services isn’t referred to as the leaders in senior care for nothing. Since its inception in 1960, St. Paul’s has never skipped a beat in its ambitions. St. Paul’s prides itself in its everlasting commitment to helping seniors lead enriched lives by serving their spiritual, physical, and social […]

Dementia Care at Home
Dementia Care at Home: How to Connect and Engage

St. Paul’s Senior Services knows how difficult it can be to care for a loved one with dementia at home. It takes creativity, patience and understanding of each individual and their unique experience. To provide some expert help and tips, we sat down with Andrea Rojas, St. Paul’s Plaza Reflections Memory Care Activity Coordinator, who […]

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Fun Activities for Seniors in San Diego this Summer

San Diego is a beautiful southern California city with 70 miles of coastline, fun activities, perfect weather and many attractions. Now that the state is opening up, San Diego has a lot to offer seniors at any activity level. Whether you’re seeking fun, independent afternoon activities, learning opportunities or looking to explore with family, San […]

6 Health Benefits of Gardening for Seniors
6 Health Benefits of Gardening for Seniors

By Amelia Hoffbauer You’ve got to get down in the dirt to truly experience cleaner, healthier living. Finding it tough to exercise? Gardening provides many of the same health benefits for seniors as working out. It’s also good for our mental health. Here are six perks of gardening for seniors who want to stay young. […]

Hospice vs. Palliative Care What are the Differences
Hospice vs. Palliative Care: What are the Differences?

The term ‘hospice’ scares a lot of people when they hear the word. I understand, one of the reasons I started working for hospice is because my grandfather passed away when I was a little girl, and our family utilized hospice services.

Estate and Elder Law Challenges in the Era of COVID-19: What You Need to Know
Estate and Elder Law Challenges in the Era of COVID-19: What You Need to Know

As a lawyer who has been practicing Elder Law and Estate Planning for nearly 25 years, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented unexpected legal challenges for seniors and families.

Advocating for Your Hospitalized Loved One During COVID-19
Advocating for Your Hospitalized Loved One During COVID-19

Many patients are having to navigate the healthcare continuum without the comfort of a loved one or family member physically with them.

What Seniors Should Know About Downsizing and Selling A Home
What Seniors Should Know About Downsizing and Selling A Home

There are many options available to help families and seniors with moving and downsizing.