2016 Annual Report


As we enter our 57th year, I reflect on the growth and diversity of services that has become St. Paul’s Senior Services, St. Paul’s Foundation, and St. Paul’s PACE.Someone recently told me St. Paul’s is the “not so little organization.” It’s difficult for first-time visitors to realize the scope and breadth of services offered, as the organization now goes beyond the original Bankers Hill residential community. Presently, with a total of 10 programs and 8 properties located in San Diego and Chula Vista, it’s hard to think that 27 years ago all of St. Paul’s employees worked at the Manor/Tower and the Health Center.

With growth come the changes needed to “step up” to serve the greater community. Fifty-seven years ago who would have imagined St. Paul’s Senior Services would be providing medical care, social services and other supportive services to homeless seniors through St. Paul’s PACE. This was accomplished by partnering with housing developers who provide a permanent home for this population. St. Paul’s PACE has been able to make a significant difference in the lives of 74 seniors to date; soon this number will jump to a total of 133 being served. The future is rich in opportunities as the senior population grows and St. Paul’s will be there to ensure their needs are met at whatever level the need is. The landscape is moving around us and we will be nimble and responsive to these social and healthcare changes as they come. However, we could not grow, or be innovative without the help of our caring staff, our wonderful volunteer Boards of Directors and Committee members, who give of their time so unselfishly, and, our very generous donors and supporters.

Thank you for being on this journey with us,
Cheryl Wilson, Chief Executive Officer