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St. Paul's Plaza

St Paul's Senior Services - St Paul's Plaza

St. Paul’s Plaza is an independent and “aging-in-place” community. Our calendared events provide activities for seniors requiring assisted living as well as additional help with memory and cognitive activities.

St. Paul's Villa

St Paul's Senior Services - Villa

St. Paul’s Villa caters to seniors that require hands-on care, through regular assisted living or additional care and support for memory issues. Our events reflect the needs of this specific community.

St. Paul's Manor

St. Paul's Seniors Service Senior Care Ways to Give

St. Paul’s Manor is our active retirement community. Seniors take part if stimulating and varying events that help celebrate their life and independence.

St. Paul's McColl Health Center

Nursing & Rehabilitation

Make you stay at St. Paul’s McColl Health Center fun and worth your while! Not just any ordinary nursing facility, our patients still have access to fun and exciting activities during their stay.

St. Paul's Senior Day

St. Paul's Senior Services - Balboa Park

Browse the upcoming selection of events and excursions for St. Paul’s Senior Day, and see what you have to look forward to! Senior day pricing can be applied on a month or day-to-day basis.

St. Paul's PACE

St. Paul's Senior Services - physical therapy

PACE is for individuals who are living with chronic illness, or disabilities and need coordinated medical care to continue living as independently as possible in their home and community.

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