John & Sharon McColl


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Sharon McColl

This article is reprinted from the 1996 LUV Gala Program, the year in which John & Sharon McColl were honored for their outstanding service to the community and St. Paul’s Senior Services. The theme was “Highland Fling” in honor of the McColl Family’s Scottish heritage.

John__Sharon_McColl_BW“It is said that a stable future may be built only upon a firm foundation of the past. Indeed, it is solely according to the vision of our predecessors that we may guage our own accomplishments.  In this way, a tradition of excellence is established from generation to generation, providing a legacy of achievement, a heritage of honor. In this way, the dreams of our forbears are brought to fruition.

The value of tradition is not measured by words nor by deeds. So its worth can be fathomed only by the depth of one’s soul and the greatness of one’s heart. At St. Paul’s Senior Homes & Services, we assess the merit of our traditions by the way in which they touch those for whom they were first established…the senior community of San Diego; and we attribute the grace, dignity and steadfastness of our community-based traditions to the one by whom they were established… Sharon McColl.
As our first Director of Community Relations, Sharon McColl set for St. Paul’s a standard of quality, compassion and eclecticism in fund raising and public relations to which we diligently adhere to this day. Without question, the framework of success cemented by Sharon McColl from 1982 to 1994 is wholly responsible for the achievements now being brought to fruition by the Foundation for which she so aptly set the course. Those who have followed in the path that was carved single-handedly by Sharon McColl owe to this remarkable woman an inexpressible debt of gratitude for her foresight, creativity and diligence.
The methods on which the Foundation now relies on for its fund raising and community relations endeavors were all pioneered by Sharon McColl. The list of Sharon McColl’s accomplishments during her tenure with St. Paul’s is extraordinary, including the creation of The Manor Times; compilation of the first 4,000 names on the Foundations mailing list, establishment of Love Uniting Volunteers; development of the Community Relations Committee and the Development Planning Committee; direction of a development audit which facilitated the Foundation; implementation of a Bequest Program and the enormously successful Annual Appeal; cultivation of the Summer Series; institution of an endowment fund for the Manor and the Health Care Center; conception of a Commemorative Giving Program; generation of a prototype for St. Paul’s capital campaigns; and origination of many grant proposals through which the Foundation continues to receive money today.
The seeds sown by Sharon McColl have burgeoned into a thriving community-benefit support network which enhances life for residents as well as neighbors of St. Paul’s. Our most recent and impressive neighborhood outreach effort, St. Paul’s Community Care Center, could not have been realized without Sharon McColl having first engendered the honorable reputation, devout patronage and public recognition that St. Paul’s enjoys.
The name of St. Paul’s Senior Homes & Services carries with it a proud tradition, and we take pride in honoring this evening the founder of that tradition… Sharon McColl.”

John McColl

John McColl: A Man of Vision, a Man of Accomplishment. This article is reprinted from the 1996 LUV Gala Program, the year in which John & Sharon McColl were honored for their outstanding service to the community and St. Paul’s Senior Homes & Services. The theme was “Highland Fling” in honor of the McColl Family’s Scottish heritage.

John__Sharon_McColl_-_Highlands_pic“According to Webster, vision is ‘the ability to foresee something as through mental acuteness.’ The type of person to whom so formidable a description is attributed must possess extraordinary mental capacity, keen foresight, and unfettered ingenuity. When combined with unyeilding drive and selfless determination, these traits create a self-propelling force that can accomplish the most lofty achievements. We at St. Paul’s Senior Homes & Services define such a force as John McColl.

John McColl is a leader in the purest sense. He need not demand nor cajole to incite others to act. Rather, his genuine faith, integrity, humility and compassion serve as an inspiration to those around him to embrace his ideas, share his vision and take tangible steps toward realizing a dream.

In 1960, St. Paul’s Episcopal Home, Inc. was established. Through this not-for-profit corporation our founding fathers applied for and received the first HUD loan for a retirement facility in Southern California. So launched the birth of St. Paul’s Manor and, four years later, the adjacent eleven-story tower.

By the 1970’s, it became apparent that an increased level of care was needed for seniors in our community. In response, John McColl spearheaded a massive campaign that succeeded in raising $2.4 million to build, furnish and provide the first year’s operation reserves for St. Paul’s Health Care Center. The 59-bed skilled nursing facility began operation in 1982. Following on the heels of this impressive project, John McColl lent his vision to yet another fund raising drive, this time for the establishment of the Manor’s Assisted Living Program, a project implemented by Sharon McColl and Konnie Dadmun. The new program, which began operation in 1987, provided a much-needed bridge between independent living and skilled nursing care.

In 1991, as a member of the Board of Directors, John McColl’s bold vision for the St. Paul’s expansion reached a new height with the purchase of the Balboan, a hotel that was later to become St. Paul’s Villa. The Villa, however, was not to be an ordinary retirement home. Instead it became a center for innocation in care management and community services, fostering such programs as the Sefton Center for enhanced personal services, Respite Care for short-term recovery periods, Hospice for the provision of a surrogate family to the terminally ill, and an educational training program to provide on-the-job medical and gerontological instruction for college students. With this vast expansion of services came an increased need for new funding sources. Once again John McColl was equipped with a solution: the establishment of St. Paul’s Retirement Homes Foundation, a seperate not-for-profit corporation focused on fund raising and headed by John McColl himself.

Now, in 1996, John McColl’s vision again leads the way as we set our sights on St. Paul’s Community Care Center, a community-base facility which will host the first intergenerational day care program in Southern California as well as a Home Care Program, the Community Cafe, a Senior Pharmacy, and a Senior Fitness Center.

To say that John McColl has been a invaluable asset to St. Paul’s Senior Homes & Services, would be as great an understatement as to say that the brain and the heart are mere assets to life. For through the brain we derive the vision to plan for our future, and through the heart we muster the courage to accomplish the goals we have set. Indeed, we at St. Paul’s know the source of our life, as we honor John McColl this evening…a man of vision, a man of accomplishment.”