The Story of PACE


St. Paul’s opened its first PACE Center in March 2008. Now at capacity, it is time to begin planning the creation of a new site in the South Bay. This region has a substantial number of low-income, frail seniors desperately in need of all-inclusive health services and the unique delivery method the PACE model offers.

It is no exaggeration to say that the start-up of St. Paul’s PACE has redefined the meaning of healthcare for frail seniors living in San Diego and it has established a new trend of healthy aging. With the PACE model, this vulnerable population now has within their grasp a simple way to access healthcare that gives them the supports they need to safely age in their home with independence, dignity and choice.

Starting a PACE Center is expensive. Between the purchase of a site, the renovations, furniture, fixtures and equipment, it will take more than $8 million to open the Center. With a goal to fundraise $2 million, we have begun our campaign and raised over $390,000.

We now turn to people like you. Please join us and invest in the long term care for the frail elderly, a population that deserves our care. Your generosity today, will serve generations tomorrow.

The Story of PACE


Richard lives in a hotel room in the Gaslamp area. When he had two heart attacks in two months he was put on hospice care. The folks at hospice referred him to our Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) at St. Paul’s.

I was born in Arkansas, married a local girl and have three grown children and four grandchildren with two on the way. Most of my life has been in radio. I started as an announcer when I was 16 and eventually owned my own station. I spent many years as a professional speaker.

Well, times have changed. I am no longer married and live on Social Security Disability.

I had a couple of heart attacks. I guess the people at hospice thought I would make it and I did. They introduced me to the PACE program.

PACE has been a miracle for me. I am pre-diabetic, have high blood pressure and coronary heart disease. They have terrific medical people right here. They have a physical therapy program too. I want to stay around for a long time so I take advantage of it.

All kinds of people come to PACE. Some are kind of shy when they arrive. They are not shy long. You know older folks are a treasure trove of knowledge, I have many friends here at PACE.

PACE serves us lunch. Nutrition is important to us elder folks. They pack food for the weekend too. I’m sure looking forward to Thanksgiving.

Bless you for your support of PACE.