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Applicants under 18 years of age need parental permission to volunteer with SPSS. Please see the consent form at end of application

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As a Volunteer of St. Paul's Senior Services, I understand I may have access to information that is confidential in nature. I understand that this information is not to be shared with others who do not have a need to know, family, friends, or acquaintances. I understand that I am to maintain confidentiality of all information received when I receive, talk with, or overhear information on or about a resident or client. I understand I am to maintain the confidentiality of all records and record systems.

My signature below acknowledges that I/we have read and understand the terms of this Release of Liability Agreement, and agree to be bound by its terms. Click to view or download: Release of Liability Agreement

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If you are under 18, please have your parent or guardian complete this section.

Parental/Guardian Consent Form:

I hereby allow my son/daughter/minor, for whom I am the guardian, to participate in St. Paul’s Senior Services
Volunteer Program.