annual reports


2017 Annual Report

2017 Annual Report reflects another wonderful year at St. Paul’s. We have served San Diego seniors by educating lawmakers, providing “sundries” through generous contributions, continued our tradition of excellent service to seniors and children, and so much more.


2016 Annual Report

As we enter our 57th year, I reflect on the growth and diversity of services that has become St. Paul’s Senior Services, St. Paul’s Foundation, and St. Paul’s PACE.Someone recently told me St. Paul’s is the “not so little organization.”


2015 Annual Report

In 2015 St. Paul’s PACE reached the milestone of 500 Participants. That is 500 low income and frail seniors whom the State of California has entrusted to us for medical, social and emotional care. A recent independent survey of our Participants rated customer service at 100% satisfaction!


2014 Annual Report

2015 represents 55 years of St. Paul’s dedication to seniors and families in the San Diego community and it’s with great pride that we take this opportunity to reflect on only on the achievements of 2014, but also the past 54 years.


2013 Annual Report

As we celebrate our 54th year of operation, we embrace change and growth for St. Paul’s and prepare for the impact of the new Federal and State health care laws. In 2012-13, St. Paul’s Board of Directors laid the ground work for us to embark on a season of growth, with the vision of serving upcoming generations of seniors.