5 Morning Practices for a Mindful Day

Mindfulness is used as a therapeutic technique, a means of managing stress and anxiety. Here are 5 morning practices for a mindful day.

Mindfulness is the practice of being present moment, acknowledging thoughts, feelings, sensations, and letting what is unnecessary and letting it pass. Mindfulness is used as a therapeutic technique, a means of managing stress and anxiety. Your morning is the perfect time to set the tone for your day. A distracted morning can create a distracting day. On the other hand, a mindful morning can create a mindful day, no matter what’s going on. Here are 5 morning practices for a mindful day.

1. Meditate

Take five to ten minutes each morning to practice meditation. If you’re new to the practice, there are plenty of great videos online that provide short guided meditations. You can do these while parked in your car, in the back of a cab, riding the train, or simply sitting on the edge of your bed.


2. Practice mindful writing

Perhaps you set aside ten minutes every morning—five for silent meditation, five for mindful writing. Write in a journal, perhaps acknowledging fears and anxieties, rejoicing in love and peace and the sweet moments of life. Make notes on how your body feels: hungry, tired, groggy, energized, strained, earnest. Make notes on your mental state: hopeful, reluctant, distracted, driven. By acknowledging these feelings, you are setting yourself up for a more mindful day.


3. Be mindful of your living space

No matter where you live, acknowledge how it is or is not supporting you. Are you mindful of everything that’s around you? Are you putting off home repairs because you don’t feel like dealing with them? Each morning, take note of what needs to get done around you. These may be urgent but they can also be just for fun. For example, if you’ve been wanting to get a few indoor plants, make it a priority first thing in the morning.


4. Set an intention for the day

Once you’ve checked in with yourself and your household, set an intention for the day. You might even consider putting this in a journal or down on paper. For example, your intention might be: Today, I will be patient with myself and those around me.


5. Don’t forget to breathe

As the day begins to kick up, don’t forget to take deep, thoughtful breaths. Mindful breathing can help quell the physical stress response. All that oxygen is great for your brain function as well.


About the author: Emma Cook is a recent graduate and freelance writer working hard to build her portfolio. Whether it’s aging, home life, or mental health, her goal is to empower others to live their fullest life—and her strategy is writing.