Dementia Facts, Memory Loss



Dementia Facts

Families worldwide are familiar with cognitive and memory-related conditions that affect seniors. As a group, these conditions are referred to as dementia. Dementia can be severely debilitating for afflicted seniors, and can also be incredibly difficult for their families, friends, and other loved ones. On this page, our senior living team here at St. Paul’s Senior Services provides an overview of dementia and memory loss, giving care tips and resources on our very own memory care communities in San Diego, CA.

Understanding Memory Loss

Dementia refers to conditions characterized by a decline in mental ability severe enough to interfere with daily life. Though there are many types of dementia — including Alzheimer’s, vascular dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, and more — all types of dementia are characterized by marked memory lossand a decreased ability to perform normal cognitive tasks with consistency. All types of dementia and memory loss are associated with physical changes in the brain. The causes of these changes can vary based on the specific type of dementia in question, with the initial causes of some types of dementia still largely unknown. As of now, there are no cures for any type of dementia. However, proper care has be shown to slow its onset for some.

How to Care for Someone with Dementia

Dementia can be difficult to deal with — both for those afflicted and those responsible for providing care. Learning how to care for someone with dementiais a process that takes time and requires special attention to an individual’s needs. If you are in a position of care, it’s important to build a routine around the specific medical needs and personality characteristics of the senior in your care. Listen first and ask questions clearly and straightforwardly. Set a positive mood for interaction — this will help facilitate communication. Always respond with affection and reassurance and break down tasks and activities into a series of steps. Should you ever feel that caring for someone with dementia is too much to handle alone, it is likely time to consider memory care.

St. Paul’s Senior Services offers a Senior Day Program for those with mild to moderate memory loss. Our Senior Day Program is an ideal choice if you want to keep your loved one living at home longer. We provide a caring community focused on your loved one’s social, cognitive, and physical needs in a fully supervised environment. Our highly trained staff will ensure that your loved one stays safe and comfortable at all times and enjoys his or her day amongst peers and with children from the Intergenerational Program. Learn more about how St. Paul’s Senior Day Program can help you care for your loved one while you are at work or taking much-needed time for yourself.

Dedicated Memory Care at St. Paul’s Senior Services

At a certain point, the needs of a senior with dementia may become too demanding for his or her family alone, even with added care during the day. When this point comes, dedicated memory care is the next step. At memory care communities like St. Paul’s Villa in Bankers Hill and St. Paul’s Plaza in Chula Vista, senior residents are given 24/7 specialized care to address dementia-related needs and other medical requirements. Life at our memory care residences here at St. Paul’s Senior Services also includes a number of activities designed to promote cognitive activity and encourage well-being. To learn more about memory care at St. Paul’s Plaza and St. Paul’s Villa, contact our team. If you would like more dementia facts or more information on how to care for someone with dementia, please reach out to our San Diego senior care professionals.