Senior Day Participant of the Month: September 2016

NatalieParticipant of the month: Natalie (Natalia)! Natalia was born in 1934 in the small town of Rincon, New Mexico right outside Las Cruces. She is the eldest of 9 half brothers and sisters on her mother’s side. When she was 45 years old, she learned that she was also the eldest of 6 brothers and sisters on her biological father’s side. At age 12, Natalie and her family boarded a train and moved to San Diego. She went to Dana Jr. High Point Loma. Natalie Married Pete Lopez and they had 9 children. Natalie loved being a mom. She and Pete put their children through Catholic school, hoping to give them better opportunities than she had. After her children grew old enough she returned to the work force and retired from IVAC. Her husband worked as a civil servant on the Navy base. Natalie loved cooking, dancing, gardening, traveling and people! After the passing of her first husband Pete, Natalie met her second love, Armando, and they married in Hawaii. Mention Hawaii and you will see a big smile on Natalie’s face! Her family fondly remembers every Christmas, when she made dozens and dozens of the best tamales from scratch. In 2008, she moved to El Paso to be closer to her beloved hometown, Rincon. After her husband Armando’s passing, she moved back to San Diego where she had more family, and now lives with her daughter and son in law. Alzheimer’s disease has changed their lives, but she still loves singing and dancing! Natalie would say her biggest accomplishment is raising her 9 children and taking care of her 25+ grandkids. She very much enjoys visiting with her friends at St Pauls. Nothing puts a smile on her face quicker then telling her we are going to visit her friends at Senior Day!