Senior Day Participant of the Month: April 2016

PacitaPacita was born in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. She spent her childhood in the city of Santa Catalina. She had to quit school during 6th grade, at the age of 11, due to chronic illness. She grew up and lived in San Juan, met her husband, and had 7 daughters. She worked at Burger King in the city and had many other odd jobs here and there. In 1962, Pacita left her unhappy marriage and her home country of the Philippines and moved to Hawaii to be with one of her daughters, who was stationed there in the Navy. Pacita worked at McDonald’s in the Navy Commissary. Her daughter was then sent to San Diego, but Pacita loved Hawaii and decided to stay there. She lived in Honolulu for 7 years before following her daughter to San Diego. Now, Pacita has two daughters in the United States and 5 that remain in the Philippines. Pacita has 19 granddaughters and 8 grandsons, and another granddaughter on the way! Pacita loves food and exercise. One of her favorite activities is to go to the YMCA. Pacita says that she wants to be healthy, happy, and live a long life, and her greatest wish is to give her daughters a good life, and a happy life.