Five Reasons to Live in Bankers Hill Neighborhood – By John Pagenkopp

John Senior Living San Diego St. Paul's Manor Blog
John Senior Living San Diego St. Paul's Manor Blog

I have many friends who live around San Diego County and beyond, and I am frequently asked, “How do you like living at St. Paul’s Manor? What’s so special about living there?” That got me thinking, making me realize how great it is here.

I love my apartment. I have many close friends who also live here; the staff is great – it’s a lot like family here and there are many activities, but the more I contemplate my living here I always seem to come back to one very good reason: LOCATION! You could not live in a better neighborhood than Bankers Hill. I sold my car two years ago and I can get anywhere on the bus from here. St. Paul’s Manor is in a prime location – we’re close to everything.

1. San Diego’s Top Attractions:

Balboa Park:  Every time I walk across the Cabrillo Bridge and enter the park, I am thankful. There are fantastic museums, great places to sit and read or watch everyone in the park, and various restaurants. As a senior, you can get an annual pass that is good at all the museums for only $99 per year. Have you ever visited the rose garden? Every Sunday afternoon at 2 pm there is a concert on the world’s largest outdoor pipe organ. Why not get out regularly and visit Balboa Park? The park offers free general admission for San Diego residents to a rotating list of museums every Tuesday.

San Diego Zoo:  Who can forget about the greatest zoo in the world? It is right next to Balboa Park and easy walking distance from St. Paul’s Manor.

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2. Bankers Hill Neighborhood:

Walk through the neighborhood. Keep your eyes open (also watch the sidewalks so you don’t trip). You will see all kinds of interesting sights. Have you seen the bunnies? Or have you stopped to look at the names and dates stamped in the sidewalks on the corners? So far, I’ve found one as early as 1906. Bankers Hill is an old neighborhood. Be grateful for the gracious old homes that have survived over the years. We are living in an old, beautiful, historic San Diego neighborhood.

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3. St. Paul’s Cathedral:

The parish of St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral (which began St. Paul’s Manor in the early 1960s) will soon be celebrating its 150th birthday. It was originally located at the corner of Eighth and C. The present cathedral building was dedicated in 1951, and the Great Hall was built in 1929. It was the first non-Roman Catholic Church in San Diego County.

You don’t need to be Episcopalian to enjoy much that the cathedral offers. Every Tuesday at 12:30 pm there is a free 30-minute organ recital. Their landmark organ has been rebuilt and enlarged many times over the last 100+ years. It was the first pipe organ in San Diego County. If you love music, please think about attending Evensong each Sunday at 5pm. They alternate between fantastic girls and boys choirs. Evensong last about 40 minutes.

4. Restaurants:

If you want a change now and then, there are many places to eat within walking distance. Hob Nob Hill at First and Juniper has been there since 1944; Starbucks on Fifth; The Corner Drafthouse and Cucina Urbana both on Fifth and Laurel; Barrio Star and Jimmy Carter’s on Fifth, both for Mexican food; and so many others are within walking distance including The Market Place which offers quick and delicious sandwich and salad selections.

5. Transportation:

One of the most important advantages of living at St. Paul’s Manor is the accessibility to transportation, especially if you don’t drive. We are blessed with great public transportation. You can get almost anywhere via bus or trolley. From St. Paul’s Manor, three bus lines are within three blocks: the #3, #11, and #120. They can get you to any other bus or to the trolley. If you are 62 or older, you can get a monthly pass for only $18 that gives you unlimited access to buses and trolleys.

Give some thought to St. Paul’s Manor senior living and all the things you can experience.

About the Author:

John Pagenkopp, or Mr. P., as his former students still call him, has lived in San Diego since 1970. He taught 8th Grade English and U.S. History for 32 years before he retired in 2004.

He jokes that many of his former students are connected with him on Facebook and often he corrects the grammar in their posts. He claims they get a big kick out of it. Some of them say they proofread now before they post something so they don’t hear from him.

For the past four years, John has enjoyed living at St. Paul’s Manor. There are plenty of options when it comes selecting a senior living community in San Diego, but John says the choice was easy. He loves living at St. Paul’s Manor.