Benefits of Senior Day Program

St. Paul’s Senior Day Program provides assistance to those with beginning to moderate stages of dementia. Medical needs and medication management are met on a daily basis by our Med Tech trained CNAs.

For caregivers, St. Paul’s Senior Day Program helps your loved one live at home longer by providing a caring community full of mental stimulation and socialization, available Monday – Friday from 7:30am – 6pm. To learn more about the Senior Day care provided, we talked with Jae Nicolas, the Senior Day Supervisor. Part of her role is to ensure that the Senior Day nursing staff is fully equipped with the knowledge, training, and equipment that they need to provide the best care. She also helps make sure medication is administered on time and that every senior feels safe in his or her environment.

How does a senior day care program benefit those that attend?
Senior Day is San Diego’s Senior Hot Spot! Where else can you go and find the love, care, fun, and peace that are found here? We provide such a unique balance for our seniors, giving them a greater sense of purpose by providing them with a plethora of activities and fun outings. They enjoy being in a safe, social, engaging, and loving environment. Participants who attend Senior Day are happier, function better mentally, make new friends, and are more alert.

What are some of the most-loved activities?
Our participants love music therapy, early morning fitness classes, Zumba, pet therapy, aromatherapy yoga, and our newest activity – ballet stretch classes. They enjoy baking, crafts, coloring, and bingo with the children in our Intergenerational Program.

What makes St. Paul’s Senior Day program especially unique?
Our Intergenerational Program sets us in a class all by ourselves. Our senior participants can interact with children from our Child Care Program three to four times a day, and they get to learn from each other. Our monthly outings are also a huge hit here at Senior Day. Participants are given the opportunity to travel to many different places, free of any additional charge as part of the Senior Day program.

What are some of the outings you take the group on?
We have traveled to Escondido’s Wild Safari Park, Movies, Coasterra Restaurant, Scenic Drives, The Field Irish Pub, Arthur Murrays Dance Studio (for private dance lessons), Extraordinary Desserts, Yard House, The City Ballet, and Balboa Parks museums, just to name a few. Every month consist of one restaurant dining experience, one dessert outing, and two new outing surprises, along with two scenic drives!

What does it mean to you to work in the Senior Day Program?
I often brag about how blessed I am to have the best position in the world! I am regularly greeted with hugs from the time I walk through the door. I am privileged to care for the sweetest, bravest participants – brave because daily they trust and submit to the unknown often forgetting where they are or what they are doing, but they do it with a smile. Daily they’ll walk past my office and give me a thumbs-up, or tell me how great of a job I am doing, or happy they are that I am here, how much they enjoyed an outing, or how well they are treated. Nothing tops that feeling. I appreciate the stories they share about their lives and the wisdom they impart. They insist on making me feel like every moment is perfection!

What is a typical day like?
We thrive on allowing each day to be a unique adventure, but we do maintain a few consistencies.
Every day begins with Coffee Social, an opportunity for all to meet over (decaf) coffee, tea, breakfast and a favorite section of the paper. Many participants choose to color every morning while others socialize with staff and friends. Fitness and dance chair fitness classes will usually follow. Every day we gather for a Flag Salute with our Intergenerational Program. Trivia and shared reading of the days current events is usually done as a group afterward. Often we have pet therapy time accompanied by the children in our Intergenerational Program. Time with therapy animals allows our children and our Senior Day participants to experience more joy and emotional support. Seniors enjoy lunch and dessert catered by St Paul’s dynamic dietary team which is served to the participants inside of the café. Depending on the day, lunch may be followed by a painting exercise, music therapy, a ballet stretch class, aromatherapy yoga, movie and popcorn, or outdoor activity. The day ends with children from out Intergenerational Program and participants from Senior Day enjoying a snack and story, or sometimes a very intense game of BINGO!

What difference have you seen in the lives of the seniors you help serve?
The remarkable thing about my position is that I don’t just get to see a difference; I get to hear about it. I’ve seen more smiles. I hear the laughter. I see less anxiety. I’ve seen participants stand up during a Zumba class and dance! I’ve shared these moments with their family members and watched them cry out of excitement and surprise that their loved ones are enjoying themselves in ways that they never have. I’ve witness Senior Day participants become more alert, more social, and more relaxed. I get to hear from Senior Day participants daily how happy they are, and how much they needed an outing, a fun day, a hug, or a person to talk to.

Learn more about St. Paul’s Senior Day Program. Please call or send us a message.