San Diego Union Tribune Best Of Article 2020

With the year 2020, St. Paul’s Senior Services has now been serving San Diego seniors for 60 years! St. Paul’s Senior Services has cared for thousands of seniors during this time and we’ve earned many prestigious awards for our communities, employees and care.

In 1960, St. Paul’s Non-profit corporation was established, and in 1962, St. Paul’s Manor opened as our first senior living community. Soon after, St. Paul’s John A. McColl’s Family Health Center opened its doors, followed by St. Paul’s Villa, our Intergenerational Program which brings children and seniors together daily, St. Paul’s Plaza, three St. Paul’s PACE centers, two alternative care centers, and a new St. Paul’s PACE Alternative Care Clinic is soon to open in Encinitas!

During this time, we’ve also opened six homeless housing projects for over 240 formerly homeless seniors. We provide a  food bank for seniors with food insecurities, host an essential needs to provide basic needs to low income seniors, and also an annual winter  blanket drive.

As leaders in senior care, we host educational programs for the San Diego community to help seniors, caregivers and families prepare for the aging journey.  Our educational series, “Plan for Tomorrow, Today!” was developed by our admissions staff who noticed how unprepared family members often were when a loved one suddenly needed to relocate to a retirement community.  This free series covers a variety of topics around aging and planning for the future with the information provided by local senior care experts, go to our website at to see our 2020 schedule.

And what about the next 60 years for St. Paul’s Senior Services? Plans are being made to renovate, re-imagine, and update our existing buildings so that they continue to provide a safe and beautiful home for our seniors. Additionally, we are looking into the potential for new communities and centers to house and serve seniors. As our Mission states, St. Paul’s is spiritually guided to help seniors lead enriched lives through excellent and innovative services. With the aging population growing, so will St. Paul’s grow to meet the needs and desires of San Diego’s seniors.  Should you be seeking advice on aging and care needs, please call us, we are happy to help.