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Incontinence Care

It is difficult to care for a loved one or a friend suffering from incontinence, especially in the case of the aging population. Incontinence can happen at random periods, and it can cause a lifestyle tilt.


When is it Time for Assisted Living?

When is it Time for Assisted Living? Whether you are asking for a loved one or yourself, deciding when it’s time for a nursing home is an important decision. Consult our assisted living checklist to help assess when it is time for assisted living.


Seniors Financial Planning Advice

Considering assisted living or senior care for yourself or a loved one? You’ll need a financial plan. Visit our site here at St. Paul’s Senior Services to learn more about financial planning for seniors, retirement planning, and more.


Alzheimer’s Disease Facts

Alzheimer’s Disease facts can help you and your loved ones understand how the disease causes senile dementia in seniors. Understanding Alzheimer’s symptoms can help you get early treatment for yourself or your loved ones who are afflicted by the disease.

5 signs its time to move into assisted living

5 Signs It Is Time To Move Into Assisted Living

If you or a senior you love is experiencing troubles in their current independent living situation, it may be time to consider assisted living. In an assisted living community, seniors live in residences staffed by licensed care professionals and outfitted with a host of modern amenities.


2017 Annual Report

2017 Annual Report reflects another wonderful year at St. Paul’s. We have served San Diego seniors by educating lawmakers, providing “sundries” through generous contributions, continued our tradition of excellent service to seniors and children, and so much more.