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There's always a community event, fundraiser, or field trip around the corner at St. Paul's Senior Services!
5 Things YOU Can Do to Help Seniors during COVID-19

5 Things YOU Can Do to Help Seniors during COVID-19

The recent spread of COVID-19 has sparked a lot of fear and uncertainty in the United States, but it has also inspired many people to step up and care for the most vulnerable populations like senior citizens and the immunocompromised. Viral stories and videos online are showing how people are helping seniors with groceries, assisting them with technology, and having phone chats through windows to practice

60th Anniversary | St. Paul's Senior Services

60th Anniversary St. Paul’s Senior Services

With the year 2020, St. Paul’s Senior Services has now been serving San Diego seniors for 60 years! St. Paul’s Senior Services has cared for thousands of seniors during this time. We’ve earned many prestigious awards for our communities and care and had many influential visitors. The idea for St. Paul’s Senior Services began in 1953 when Father Herald Robinson of St. Paul’s Church and its parishioners had the vision to


2018 Annual Report

2018 has been a year of review. Many programs were evaluated, as were buildings, for their purposeful programming and future viability. The primary purpose of this exercise was to be sure we could continue to serve seniors in the most meaningful way and to increase our services to meet a variety of senior needs, geographies, and income levels.