Get Involved

Whether through your time as a volunteer or by financial means, it all starts with giving. As a nonprofit organization, we simply cannot provide the range and high quality of services at such affordable rates without the generous support of our donors and volunteers.

Donate today!

Your contributions go towards nutritious meals, entertainment, field trips, social events, and more!

More Ways To Give

If you’re looking to contribute more than a one-time donation, consider one of the following additional opportunities:

Sponsor a Program

Support our seniors financially & creatively by purchasing specialty note cards featuring their art, or sponsor one of our great programs. St. Paul’s PACE participant’s receive Birthday Baskets with essential items!

Estate & Legacy Giving

Planned charitable gifts allow donors the satisfaction of leaving a philanthropic legacy to a charitable organization such as St. Paul’s. Consider a will bequest, charitable gift annuity, or life insurance policy.

Organize a Fundraiser

Get a group together and have some fun with a car wash, bake sale, or hold a food drive Be creative! Any additional support you can provide goes a long way towards ensuring our continued success in providing for our seniors.

The Choice Is Yours

No matter how you choose to give, know that your contributions go towards providing a fulfilling life for our seniors.

Volunteers Needed

Our volunteers play a huge role when it comes to our service, compassion, and operations here at St. Paul’s.

Individual Volunteer

Your volunteer time can be spent in a variety of ways in our daily operations and residential care. Opportunities such as reception greeters, arts & crafts organizer, picnic helpers, and more await.

Group Volunteers

Groups can be comprised of as little as 4 individuals from an organization, corporation or outside volunteer group. Groups help us with larger events such as Ice Cream Socials, lead clothing and food drives, and more.

Love United Volunteers (LUV)

LUV was envisioned in the early 1980’s as an auxiliary to support the welfare of seniors at St. Paul’s Senior Services. LUV members organize several events for St. Paul’s such as fundraisers and social events. Join today!

Start Volunteering Today

Whether you’re an individual looking to help or have a group of volunteers ready to go, we look forward to working with you!