St. Paul's Senior Services SUMMERFEST2020
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This event will NOT take place and you don’t have to go anywhere!

Look At What You Will Be Saving By Not Attending

No Event ticket $195

No Babysitter $40

No Wine Pull $25

No Paddle Raise $100 - $5,000

No New Hawaiian Shirt or Sundress $100

No Live/Silent Auction $150 - $3,000

But We Do Need Your SUPPORT!


Please contribute the amount you would have spent at the event


ST. PAUL’S PACE Roving Clinic 2.0
Serving 1,000+ PACE Seniors


Sponsors will receive a gift certificate(s) from THE FRENCH GOURMET. Enjoy a fine dining experience anytime, anywhere and with anyone!


Contact Craig Smith

St. Paul’s Thanks Our Generous Sponsors


CareVention Healthcare ⧫ Secure Transportation


RezCare Pharmacy ⧫ Society of St. Paul ⧫ Sodexo ⧫ The McColl Family


Cox Communications ⧫ Mark & Maria Allan ⧫ The Menard Family Foundation


BrightStar Care ⧫ Charlie & Maureen King ⧫ Judy White ⧫ Laury Graves
Marie Tuthill & Dennis Bradstreet ⧫ PostalAnnex+ ⧫ Sharp Health Plan
St. Paul’s Cathedral ⧫ Therapy Specialists

Friends of St. Paul’s

All Souls' Episcopal Church ⧫ Brad & Gigi Benter ⧫ Craig Smith & Mark Zangrando
Daryl Ferguson ⧫ David Mulvaney ⧫ Dr. Eloise Foster & the Honorable Peter Gallagher
Glenner Alzheimer's Family Centers ⧫ Jackson & Blanc ⧫ James Oliver ⧫ Jeff & Laurie Fisher
Louise Phipps ⧫ Michael Pape & Bo Anacta ⧫ Mike & Anne Frager ⧫ Pat Kreder
Rob Cenko ⧫ Virginia Richardson ⧫ Wayne Avjian & Danielle Martin

Supporters of St. Paul’s

Blaisdell’s ⧫ Jim & Maureen Wenetta ⧫ MediExcel Health Plan
Patrick & Jane Flaherty ⧫ Russ & Diana Vuich
Suzanne Handler, MD & Barry Handler, MD and family ⧫ Yvonne Amrine

Campaign Contributors

Alliant Insurance Services ⧫ Davis & Sherry Cracroft ⧫ James Oliver
Jaye & Marilyn Park ⧫ Juan & Christina Tovar
Michael Madsen, Bryan Nord & Michael Choi
PostalAnnex+ ⧫ Ruth Mulvaney ⧫ Tom & Karen Gammiere

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