St. Paul's Services offer compassion and understanding…

Prior to finding St. Paul’s Services, my mother was feeling lonely and missing her friends from where she used to live on the east coast. After being introduced to St. Paul’s, shes met new friends and looks forward to seeing them and joining in on the social events and gatherings that St. Paul’s programs has for our loving and aging seniors. St. Paul’s Services offer compassion and understanding to our aging

St. Paul's Adult Day Program has been a godsend to my mother and our family.

From the beautiful, serene grounds, to the innovative program that brings together children and seniors, to the multiple outings and daily activities, to the extended hours and affordability that are so essential for busy working families, we could not ask for more. During my search for a day program, St. Paul’s stood head and shoulders above the other programs that we researched; I often joke that I wish I

She has benefited from a stimulating environment and the gentle, caring attention of the staff.

During our initial exploratory visit we took special note of the intergenerational program. The positive impression it gave us was a strong incentive in having Rui-yu attend. From the time she joined the program she has enjoyed her activities with the children tremendously. We are pleased that the center has a recliner room since Rui-yu often naps in the afternoon. Also, the frequency and variety of the field trips provide opportunities

St. Paul’s Senior Center has been a lifesaver for us.

Like countless others, the effects of Alzheimer’s on a loved one has changed our lives tremendously. In 2012, my brother and I abruptly uprooted my mother from her home in Chicago as it was evidently clear she could no longer care for herself. We were truly lost grappling with shock and the parent/child role reversal. We had little knowledge or experience with dementia and ALZ. While she was recovering from

I would like to give your staff the utmost thanks and appreciation.

My family and I are truly grateful and  have the utmost respect for your staff St Paul’s Senior Day Center.  I have gotten many life saving calls from Ms. Stinson over the past year and I cannot thank her enough. One day, I received a called from Ms Stinson that my father had an emergency and she had already called 911.  Later that day I received a called from Ms