2013 Annual Report


As we celebrate our 54th year of operation, we embrace change and growth for St. Paul’s and prepare for the impact of the new Federal and State health care laws.

In 2012-13, St. Paul’s Board of Directors laid the ground work for us to embark on a season of growth, with the vision of serving upcoming generations of seniors. We grew the new Chula Vista PACE program (our first venture out of the uptown area), and we broke ground on St. Paul’s Plaza on January 7, 2014. St. Paul’s Plaza will be a 156 room assisted living and memory care community. Situated in a lovely area of Chula Vista, it’s within walking distance to medical services, parks, and businesses, and will offer such amenities as an indoor therapy pool, a beauty parlor, a pub/restaurant, community gathering areas, a children’s playground, and much more.

Also in 2013, we improved the look and feel of the John A. McColl Family Health Center. Changes include skylights, a more approachable nurses’ station, and an inviting open lobby and dining area.

With the Board’s direction that St. Paul’s remain on the cutting edge of senior care, we visited our legislators in Sacramento and Washington D.C. to advocate for special needs of seniors in San Diego. Additionally, through representation on our local, State, Federal and International Associations, St. Paul’s is assured of keeping abreast of the latest innovations in senior care, and of planning ahead for the latest regulations and new laws surrounding all facets of our services.

The Affordable Care Act, the California Coordinated Care Initiative, and Cal MediConnect will start impacting the health & social services for all seniors in 2014. We have been very active in the implementation of these sweeping changes. In 2013, St. Paul’s met with several managed healthcare plans to ensure that St. Paul’s is positioned to help them succeed as they prepare to offer long-term care support services.

With the changes in health care delivery and the past reductions in health care reimbursement, the need for philanthropic support has never been greater. The support, care, and concern for our seniors by our donor community has never wavered. These are members of the greatest generation, and we must continue to serve them with compassion, dignity, quality programs and residential communities.

St. Paul’s continues to provide exceptional quality and affordable programs. This would not be possible without the continued support of our Board members, Committees, Donors, our wonderful Volunteers, exceptional Vendors, and our excellent Staff who care for our seniors every day with love and compassion. Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

Faithfully Yours, Cheryl Wilson, RN, MA, LNHA Chief Executive Officer