St. Paul’s Seniors Reviews

My mom has lived at St. Paul’s Manor for over ten years. She absolutely loves it there and has made lots of friends. She’s constantly on the go with one activity or another. The staff is truly caring, and the front desk is staffed 24/7 in case of emergencies during off hours. I feel very fortunate that she lives there as it takes a huge burden off me, her grown daughter, since I know she is safe and in good hands. The rent is very reasonable and the food is delicious with many choices at every meal. New people moving in are made to feel very welcome, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend St. Paul’s for anyone who would like to be part of a friendly community home
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My father lives at Saint Paul’s Manor. He loves that they have many activities as well as fabulous, chef prepared meals. This is a great place for anyone 55+ looking for a warm, home like environment!
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PACE is a fantastic and reputable company helping people across San Diego. It’s great to see a company that helps people that truly need it ultimately bettering their lives and health. Great job.
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I recently moved into St. Paul’s Manor for independent senior living. What a wonderful place! The staff is friendly, the food is great…. and it’s very affordable. I’ve made many friends already and am so happy here. They are dog friendly, and my Gracie is very happy here as well. No cooking, no cleaning…. just enjoying life. And…. so close to Balboa Park…. walking distance to just about everything. It’s so wonderful to wake up, take my dog out for her morning walk, stop in the reception area to get my morning coffee, and then to my room to relax, read, and enjoy the morning.
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We love the wonderful caring staff at St Paul Mc Coll Health Center. They are the best!

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I moved in just 5 months ago and it was the best decision I’ve made in ages. I am a 60+ year old widow with no significant family and was very isolated living alone in a traditional apartment. Now that I’m here, I feel like I have huge wonderful family, full of diverse people who are smart and friendly. I love my studio here too. It holds everything I need and enjoy (including a full bed, Yamaha electric piano, my computer, a 50″ smart TV, a small dining table, and living room furniture). Surprisingly, I have more usable storage here than in my previous I BR apt. I love that I don’t have to worry about meals, housekeeping, or security. I am especially impressed with how the dining room staff have accommodated my special diet needs with quality, tasty meals and smiling faces. The activities are many and diverse. Overall, I can highly recommend The Manor to people considering a well-located, affordable independent living retirement community. Give it a try!
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My father had been living at St Paul’s Plaza in Chula Vista for almost a year and loves it. The staff is very friendly and always there to help. The place itself is immaculate. They are always checking to make sure he is ok. They have medical staff on hand 24/7. We don’t have to worry about his care.
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The best thing that ever happened my mother goes there twice a week very inexpensive
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We recently toured St Paul’s Villa and I was absolutely delighted by the staff and our experience there. Terri made us feel so welcome. She answered all of our questions and I truly felt that my Grandmother’s well being was her number one priority. I would highly recommend visiting this community.
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My mom just moved into St Paul’s Manor, and it’s so awesome to know that I never have to worry about her. It’s filled with active seniors, and there are activities all day every day for her. She has already made many friends there in a short time. The residents and staff are so friendly, and the food is healthy and tasty! She’s so happy there, and it makes me happy knowing that she’s happy.
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St. Paul’s Manor is a FUN community! I have been to several of their events and I always have a great time.
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A lovely place for senior citizens to spend there life.they have great food and great staff members,not to mention great food and activities.its a beautiful and affordable living home.i definitely recommend it to any senior citizen. It’s cozy and I’m glad I chose it for my father:)
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I enjoy working with the caring St. Paul’s Plaza staff and have met so many engaging residents as well. It’s a beautiful community of people.
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Beautiful living community. Staff is wonderful.
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People at St. Paul’s Villa are so kind and compassionate. It is beautiful to see how the senior residents consider the staff extended family. You can tell that there is a lot of love there in addition to great care. People seem truly happy.
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My mom loves their and is taken care of very well, my father who pasted away last year and my Mom have been taken care of very well Employees are good people and seem to really care for their patients.
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Huge fan of their services. And how it has a positive impact on those that need the help. Great asset to our community!
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My son goes to daycare here and everyone is wonderful. The facilities are clean, and the caregivers are amazing.
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In the beginning the 3 kids & I volunteer every Sunday & Monday, but then my allergies got worse. The youngest & I have not been able to volunteer with the 2 older kiddos. Hopefully the youngest & I can resume volunteering again. I thought my kiddos would be all pouty & moody from me signing us up for this, but they actually love it. They love going. There has been 3 occasions when their dad had to rush me to urgent care (yes, not the er, I get awesome & immediate help at uc & the nurses their remember me 🤗) and the kiddos reactions are 😤 Dad can you drop us first. My reaction 😢😳. Anyways, I am glad that we do this & am happy the kids are giving even tho it’s only 2 days a week.

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It is a blessing and a privilege to be allowed to volunteer with St. Paul’s Plaza! I appreciate the opportunity to be able to share my music with the lovely Residents and Staff. They have been wonderful and so very kind to me. I love what I am doing and look forward to coming and hanging out with these nice folks!

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Checked this place out for my mom. Had an interview meeting with the program director (not sure of title). It went really well and was informative. Next visit was a free visit with my mom. Program is well structured. Every day there are intergenerational activities. Some activies can include arts & krafts, music, reading a newsletter, physical exercise, TV/movie options, and a lot of other things to do. Dining room is formal and make participants feel like they are in restaurant instead of a mess hall. Nice. I talked to some of the elderly particiapnts and they seem to really like it there. Unfortunately, my mom wants her independence and doesn’t want to go to any kind of adult care center. So other arrangements were made for her. Highly recommend this facility. I would want to go to something like this when I become of age.
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My mother attends St.Paul’s twice a week. She loves it! Melissa, the Adult Day Care supervisor is hands on…very attentive, as is the entire staff. Best place. Highly recommend.
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What an amazing place to live! My dog, Gracie, and I couldn’t be happier! The residents, the staff, the activities, the food, and the ideal location for walking, public transportation, restaurants, and the icing on the cake: Balboa Park!

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So many wonderful and caring people work at St. Paul’s Senior Services. Truly a blessing for our community.
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You can feel the love immediately from the staff. The services offered are similar to other places – but what sets St. Paul’s apart is the staff. They genuinely care. It’s beautiful to see how each staff person compassionately treats seniors with dignity, respect, and love.

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I want to work there how do I go about getting a job there

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My mother recently moved into St. Paul’s Manor a senior independent living residence. I visited over 10 senior independent living residences before deciding on St. Paul’s Manor. My mother is in her late 80’s, quite healthy and on the shy side. Although St. Paul’s is not the fanciest of the residences I visited it is the place that I found the most heart and true caring and respect for it’s residents. The staff have taken a sincere interest in helping both my mother and me in her transition. She did not want to move away from the family home even though she was becoming reclusive and depressed. St. Paul’s staff and residents have made a huge positive difference in both of our lives. My mother has a small studio with a tremendous view and more than enough diverse activities to keep her busy and to stimulate her mind and increase her stamina, and the food is good too! I am indebted to St. Paul’s for the wonderful environment and care they provide. It is a true community. St. Paul’s is a non-profit and very reasonably priced.
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