About St. Paul’s PACE

St. Pauls PACE 2PACE is a unique program of coordinated care that offers elderly adults and their caregivers an innovative choice in health care. For many, it is a welcome alternative to nursing home care as participants, despite chronic health needs, can remain at home.

Some of the many local benefits offered include:

  • A low doctor to patient ratio, ensuring that care is intimate and extremely personal.
  • Access to specialists in geriatric care.
  • Assistance with transportation and setting medical appointments.
  • With the support of PACE, participants can continue to live in the least restrictive environment, in their home.
  • Preventative care such as physical therapy to increase muscular strength and reduce fall risk.
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St. Paul's PACE Reasner Center - San Diego Location
111 Elm St,
San Diego, CA 92101
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