St. Paul's Senior Homes & Services - Intergenerational Day Care

St. Paul’s is proud to offer one of the first intergenerational day care programs in Southern California. Intergenerational care brings together children and seniors to benefit the lives of both. Twice a day, and at lunch, the children from the Childcare Program come together with the seniors in the Senior Day Program for creative activities like reading, arts and crafts, sing-alongs, dancing and learning opportunities.

When the children and seniors come together to share in activities, or have lunch in our Community Cafe, everyone benefits. These interactions make it possible for both children and seniors to:

• Improve intergenerational understanding

• Re-visit memories through “grandparent” type interaction

• Share new learning skills and accomplishments

• Provide mentoring if desired

• Enhance quality of life through laughter, learning and fun

• Erase stigmas and common misconceptions

• Share lunch together to learn from each other in a less-structured setting

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