2016 LUV Gala Honorees

2016 LUV Gala Honorees
2016 LUV Gala Honorees
2016 LUV Gala Honorees

Joyce Frye

Joyce has been president of Love Uniting Volunteers (LUV) since the 80s when her friend Barbara Krepps, a founding member, asked her to be a LUV program chair. Back then, “most of the members were couples and it was a very social scene,“ said Joyce. She said she has always felt  “connected to St. Paul’s because of the warmth you get from everyone who works there. Everyone is happy and always friendly.” 


Joyce and her partner, Bill Powell, are devoted to St. Paul’s mission of service. “They do a great job, and when I give, I know it goes directly to serving seniors,” she said.


San Diego-born Joyce graduated from San Diego High School before attending SDSU and UCLA, eventually earning her Master’s in Education. She taught upper elementary GATE students for 14 years at San Diego area year-round schools, which allowed her regular time off for participating in LUV activities.


Joyce has two children and is also a grandmother of two.


Marcia Thaxton

Marcia first became involved with the LUV auxiliary when her first husband was Administrator at St. Paul’s Manor in the early 1960s. She became known for hosting regular Ice Cream Social events at the communities of St. Paul’s.


While caring for her family, Marcia also found time to volunteer with other community organizations, including supporting political candidates at the local, state and national and levels. When second husband Bob became a judge, Marcia regularly volunteered to lead courthouse tours to students.

A native San Diegan, Marcia graduated from Point Loma High School, and continues to participate in PLHS luncheons, community bible study, and ushers at St. Peters by the Sea Lutheran church.


Twice-widowed, Marcia was married for 25 years to Roger Mackey and 35 years to Superior Court Judge Robert Thaxton. She is a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother to five daughters, two stepchildren, eight grandchildren, and five great- grandchildren.


Kathryn Bunch

Kathryn discovered LUV when a close family member came to stay at St. Paul’s McColl Health Center. “My Aunt Marian, who needed special care for the last few months of her life, is the reason I became so involved with LUV,” she said. “At St. Paul’s, she was given the care and respect that all seniors deserve.”


Kathryn credits founding member Mary Maud Sadler for inviting her to join the auxiliary, “all the while grooming me for the offices in which I would later serve.”


In addition to her present role as LUV treasurer, Kathryn has served as the chaplain, 2nd vice president, president, and as LUV Gala chair on two occasions.


Born in North Dakota, at 18 she married a Navy man from her hometown who had settled in Los Angeles. “My life changed dramatically, coming from the farmland and being dropped in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the country!” 


Kathryn’s family includes two daughters, two grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.